we are passionate about our works...
because we love what we do.

Pyorr (pronounced "pure") Creative Studio is a creative design and event management agency hails from Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia. We consist of a bunch of idea-centric designers, developers and project managers who share a passion for transforming ideas into an enriching, engaging, intelligent and innovative experience.

Ideas are the essence of our works. No matter how awesome or simple or crazy or even idiotic they are at first. One idea may sounds crazy to one person but to another, it was a great one. Even some of the greatest ideas ever produced look simple or crazy at first. Prior to the 1870s, the idea of talking into a device attached to a cable and you can be heard a hundred miles away will be deemed as crazy, but Mr. Graham Bell proved it otherwise. Nowadays, most of us won’t get out of the house without the thing we called mobile phone. (Mr. Bell invented telephone. Some where along the way, they managed to get rid of the cable and make it mobile )

That is why ideas are very important to us. From ideas will come great designs that not only looked beautiful, but also functional and with purposes. From ideas will come a design which will bring the solution that our client is looking for. 

And that is what we called 'pyorr' creativity :)